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The Sudden Rise of the Smartphone

Jun 17, 2014   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

The Sudden Rise of  the Smartphone

Compared to its landline cousin, the smartphone went mainstream at an astonishing speed. The majority (58%) of smartphone users look for local information at least once a week—27% look daily. Yet most businesses still haven’t figured it out how to be found on one.

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How Do I Get to the Top of the Search Engines?

Jun 11, 2014   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

How Do I Get to the Top of the Search Engines

Getting on Page One of Google is considered the Holy Grail of online marketing—a mythical quest only a chosen few seem to achieve. Yet, those who do get over 90 percent of Google’s search traffic. Here’s how it’s done.

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78% of Mobile Consumers Make a Purchase

Jun 4, 2014   //   by John Tabita   //   Business  //  No Comments

78% of Mobile Consumers Make a Purchase

A new study revealed that 78 percent of consumers who search for a local business on their smartphone end up making a purchase—often within the same day or hour.

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The Art of Pricing

Mar 19, 2013   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Marketing, Sales  //  No Comments

The Art of Pricing

Everyone who decides to sell their services will agonize over the question of “How much should I charge?” Having an effective pricing strategy in place is a key factor to your success.


Sales Axioms to Help You Win More Business

Oct 23, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Sales  //  No Comments

An axiom is defined as “a self-evident truth that requires no proof.” Over the years, I’ve heard and read lots of sales advice, both good and bad. But there are a handful of axioms I’ve adhered to that have never let me down.


Cold-Calling: Does it Work?

Sep 18, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Marketing, Sales  //  No Comments

Here’s my straight-up advice on cold-calling: if you have a way of generating enough revenue some other way, don’t do it.

Did you get what you came here for? Great! Thanks for visiting.

But, wait … you say you’re not generating enough revenue and need a way to find clients or customers immediately? Then cold-calling just might fit the bill.


Managing Email Overload

Sep 10, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Business  //  No Comments

Whether you’re in business or not, you most likely suffer from email overload. However, the consequences of overlooking Aunt Mabel’s email about the family reunion has less dire consequences than missing one from your biggest client. (Or maybe I just don’t know your Aunt Mabel well enough.)

I wrote about taking control of your inbox in a recent SitePoint article, but if you want to dig deeper into the topic, here are some useful links from around the web:


When is a Phone not a Phone? Lessons in Mobile Marketing

Sep 5, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Internet Marketing, Marketing  //  No Comments

In a previous article, I confessed that, despite my claim of being a web marketing geek, I did not own a smartphone. Recently, however, that changed when my company gave me a Droid HTC Incredible.

Frankly, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the entire smartphone experience. Maybe it’s because the person on the other end sounds like they’re standing on the deck of the Titanic as it makes its final decent into the swirling waters of the North Atlantic. Or perhaps it’s the battery life that plummets faster than RIM’s stock prices. Or maybe I’m just asking too much.


Please Help Us Find Clients!

Aug 30, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Advertising, Business, Marketing  //  No Comments

In a recent SitePoint article, I painted a hypothetical scenario about how to make a living in the web industry. I said if you need to earn $50,000 a year and your average project is $2,000, you must land a minimum of two clients a month … to which one commenter pleaded:

“Really interesting, but please help us find clients!”

That plead reflects a recent study, in which 76 percent of small businesses owners said attracting new customers is their “top concern.” And 69 percent said it’s the #1 challenge they face.


How to Write an Effective Cold-Call Script

Jul 28, 2012   //   by John Tabita   //   Business, Marketing, Sales  //  2 Comments

Ring, Ring!

“Good afternoon, Affordable Insurance. May I help you?”

“Hello, this is Joe Schmo from Joe Schmo Consulting Firm. Is this a good time to talk?”


“With whom may I ask I am speaking?”


“I am an expert in the web design field. You might have seen some of my work:,, and I could design a site for your business at the lowest rate around. If you are interested, I could give you a free 1-hour consultation.”

Would you say yes?



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